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National Native American AIDS Prevention Center Mission Statement!

Our Mission is to eliminate HIV/AIDS and confront related health and social determinants that negatively
impact American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian and Indigenous peoples.


NNNAAPC offers a variety of programs to help promote education about HIV/AIDS, support prevention efforts, and help foster healthy attitudes about sexuality and sexual health in the Native community.


NNAAPC understands the kind of HIV/AIDS prevention work being done and is committed to providing access to the resources that we have developed ourselves and acquired over the years from our many partners.


NNAAPC has produced a variety of publications, primarily HIV/AIDS specific, that are designed to help educate people in our Native communit and the health care providers who serve them.

Salutations this Holiday Season!

As I reflect on 2014, I can say that NNAAPC emerged triumphant from a bleak situation! NNAAPC will continue to combat HIV with prevention messaging in Native communities! I wanted to take this opportunity to send my deepest gratitude to all of those who supported NNAAPC with prayers and encouragement! We anticipate another year of continued success in the battle waged against HIV in our communities.

So, take this Holiday Season and enjoy your relatives, family, and friends. For me, spending time with my family only energized me for 2015. Sometime during or after this holiday season, take some time to visit NNAAPC's new website - Kudos to Alvin Chee for putting the site together for us. Please provide us feedback about the site to help improve our delivery of information.

I am confident that 2015 will be an exciting time for NNAAPC. Don't forget about some of these key deadlines and events! The deadline for applying for the Board of Directors is fast approaching, so please send us your applications! Also, keep watching the NNHAAD website for updates and materials for your 2015 NNHAAD events - The NNHAAD planning committee is moving full steam ahead with planning efforts for events in March.

Have fun wherever you are and I wish everyone a memorable, joyous, and safe New Year's celebration.


W. Alexander White Tail Feather
Executive Director, NNAAPC

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